• Janitorial Services

    Our staff are all extensively trained not only in janitorial requirements but also in proper etiquette while on the job.

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  • Green Cleaning

    Our services can be 100% green so our clients know that they made the right choice in choosing our services.

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Reliable Janitorial

One thing is certain; no one likes to work or live in an unclean environment. For your health, safety, comfort, and productivity as well as that of your employees or family, it is important to keep surfaces clean since the majority of the unwanted bacteria and viruses that people contract comes from improperly cleaned surfaces. Spotless Integrity Commercial Cleaning Service offers the highest quality janitorial services to commercial clients in the Carmel area. Our exceptional staffs are fully trained in all methods of ensuring your property is impeccably sanitized on a custom schedule tailored to your needs. Our goal is to ensure the safety and health of your employees, students, patients and/or family members at a reasonable and affordable cost. No matter what kind of business or home you own, we are a janitorial company committed to high quality and excellence in customer service.

Spotless Integrity Commercial Cleaning Service knows that earning your trust means doing a complete and thorough job on each visit. This may seem like a tall order, but here at [Company Name] we provide the peace of mind everyone deserves when at work, school, or at other commercial locations.

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Why Choose Us?

We have a commitment to display integrity in every aspect of business. How can you get value out of any product or service if it lacks integrity? For this reason, we are very passionate and driven to conduct all activity in a way that is in the best interest of the client. Turnover is high in the cleaning industry due to cleaning services not fulfilling the agreed upon contracts which is essentially wasting your hard earned dollars, time, and opportunity to have a presentable facility for your customers. Our mission is to exercise honest business practices by fulfilling every contract, maintaining relationships with our clients, and going above and beyond to provide value to your business through our cleaning solutions. If you are looking for a long-term, high quality, and affordable cleaning service, Spotless Integrity Commercial Cleaning Service is the company for you. By using our client-tailored Quality Control process, carefully screened staff, employee incentive programs, careful employee supervision, and frequent detailed audits, we can drastically minimize human error. If we make a mistake, we own up to our mistakes, correct the mistake, and improve our processes to reduce likelihood of human error in the future. We also understand that the workplace is a place that our clients spend most of their day occupying so we strive to increase the health and longevity of our clients through green cleaning products and equipment.

We are a fully bonded and insured janitorial company providing service to all commercial properties including but not limited to Office Buildings, Suites, Schools, Daycare Facilities, Gyms, Recreational Facilities, Health Care Facilities, Medical Offices, Retail Stores, Banks, and Credit Unions.

Contact Spotless Integrity Commercial Cleaning Service today to inquire about a quote for your office or other janitorial job.

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